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Peter Preston

Welcome to my Web site. You may find this site useful if you are interested in English in particular. For the last 23 years I have been teaching English as a foreign language in tertiary education, in the process discovering that it is never completely native even to a native English speaker. I have taught phonetics, writing, speaking and listening as courses, with the majority of my time spent teaching articulatory phonetics and writing. Apart from this I have taught privately, mainly focusing on spoken communication, and done text editing and some translation as a subsidiary form of earning income. I have been interested in writing too, from poetry to conference papers. If I have learned anything from my work experience, it is that as important as work is, efficient and ethical organisation and administration are vital if the hard work of individuals is not to be wasted or the individuals themselves not left frustrated and cynical. Thus, I have the greatest of respect for competent, efficient and ethical organisers and consider any organisation that has such individuals as truly blessed along with the people they serve.


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